From a small synagogue in Brooklyn in the winter of 1951, the Rebbe transformed a small Chassidic dynasty of 200 years into the largest Jewish outreach organization.  Today, Chabad-Lubavitch has 3,500 centers across the globe. 

Chabad is known for it's non-judgmental, all are welcome style, and making ancient, traditional & authentic Judaism accessible and meaningful, in a modern and fast-paced world.


In 2009 Rabbi Chaim- Born and raised in Montreal and Miki a Brooklyn native, moved to SLO and opened Chabad of SLO & Cal Poly. 

Inspired by the Rebbe's teachings their home is open to Jews of all backrounds and affiliations.

Together with their 4 Children, Musya, Yehuda, Tzvi & Luba they look forward to meeting and greeting students, families and individuals. To learn, share and inspire one another with the beautiful of our Jewish identity. 


Today Chabad of SLO & Cal Poly has served thousands of students, tourists and locals.

From 10 students around their first shabbat dinner Chabad has grown to over 120 students on a Friday night. 

Join Chabad for a class, program or just to schmooze.