Dear Parent,

Going away to college is a priceless opportunity to mature and thrive intellectually, socially and politically.

For Jewish students it is also an opportunity to deepen and broaden one's Jewish identity, and enhance the sense of commitment and responsibility to the greater Jewish community - on campus, at home, across America and throughout the world.

Here, at the Chabad Jewish Center, your child will be welcomed to a "home away from home" for Jewish students at Cal Poly.

Your child will be welcome to a warm Jewish community on campus. We strive to create meaningful relationships with a broad spectrum of students.

Through diverse and dynamic programming, students from diverse backgrounds get to meet.

Chabad has successfully reached many under-involved Jewish students and inspired a positive connection to Judaism and Israel. ​

Our Student Board helps empower students for leadership roles and responsibilities in the campus community and society-at-large. We are committed to helping students explore and optimize their leadership potential by offering students project leadership and meaningful responsibility. 

Visit our Leadership page.

We understand that as a parent, you may have worrisome moments while your child is away at college. That's why we want you to know that we're here. Feel free to contact us , introduce yourselves and let us know what's on your mind. We'll be glad to assist in any way possible.

Looking forward to meeting you


Rabbi Chaim and Miki Hillel


Is someone you love feeling yucky? Bad cold? Bed rest and Advil not doing it for them?

Chabad will deliver a bowl of delicious chicken soup to your door. Kosher, hot and very therapeutic.

Just like Bubby's!

Please note, this a service that we provide for sick students. Please only order if that is the case (homesick, finals, birthdays don't count. Sorry) 


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